Got a Galaxy Note 3? Get your $50 to Google Play


Credit: Samsung

The Galaxy Note 3’s $300 price tag might be a bit hard to swallow, but Samsung is slipping buyers something to help it go down a bit smoother, in the form of $50 in Google(s goog) Play credit. The offer began on November 5, but you can still claim the credit if you purchased a new Note before that.

Simply head to this site, where you’ll need to enter your phone number, IMEI and a bit of additional information. Samsung will send you a confirmation email with a code you can redeem in Google Play good for $50 in credit – which should be able to buy you plenty of apps, books, movies or music. The promotion lasts until January 6 of next year.

Is Samsung’s latest offer to incentivize slowing phablet sales? Or is it simply one big push for the holidays? No matter the answer, if you already bought or were planning to buy a Galaxy Note 3, you win.


Jay Hughes

Another Samsung fraud?

They didn’t even publicise it where I live (VietNam) apart from running out of credits. NOT A GOOD WAY TO ENGENDER LOYALTY, SAMSUNG.

The link on the web page announcing you just got shafted, forwards you to a Facebook something or other. Facebook is BANNED (thankfully) in some countries.

You wouldn’t think that Samsung actually has an office in Ho Chi Minh City AND many Customer Centres PLUS they are making the NOTE 3 in VietNam.

BTW: Does your Samsung use a language other than you select in some Samsung programs? For example, my USER language is English but it persists in popping in Vietnamese in VietNam and Thai in Thailand.


Unbelievable, the largest phone maker on earth runs a 3 month special sales promotion and runs out in a couple days…they are about to learn about american false advertising litigation.

Alex Colon

I guess everyone rushed the site yesterday when word got out. I’m checking with Samsung to see if there’s a more concrete timeline for when people should “come back later.”

Chris Talley

Any word on if the promotion will be revived? Bought my Note under the impression these would easily still be available. :/

Alex Colon

Unfortunately, if you check the promo site, it looks like this one’s over for good.

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