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Austin is getting wired for Google Fiber

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Google(s goog) posted a little update on its Fiber blog noting that it’s wiring Austin for fiber over the next few months, and reminding residents to get out and ask their neighbors to sign up for the fiber service in order to get access in their neighborhood. Google notes that while it doesn’t have a date, the sign up process will take place next year. Meanwhile AT&T(s t) has already announced four neighborhoods where it will deploy fiber at 300 Mbps speeds beginning in December.

3 Responses to “Austin is getting wired for Google Fiber”

  1. Jim Schultz

    Stacey, is there any hard data available about Google Fiber’s market share, revenues, or costs? It seems that if one of their goals is to demonstrate that gigabit fiber connectivity to the home is commercially viable, they would be willing and eager to share some real data from their work in KC thus far. Strangely, however, they are very secretive about their level of success and costs, which causes me to wonder about tier true motives.

  2. I emailed at&t that I would be happy to sign up for its version of 0.3 gigabit service… if it would let me do so. I live in an area it provides Uverse so should be no problem.

    However, they said that they only will provide their 0.3 gigabit service in an area if forced by competitors. Alas, I do not have Google Fiber coming to my area, so I guess it is only a choice between quasi-fiber Uverse or Time Warner Cable for me, a bad choice and a worse choice.

    • stiki niki

      Let me get this straight, only if you can get something better and faster from say, google fiber, will AT&T be “forced” to offer you a slower, inferior product, probably for more money. Wow, great business model AT&T, you really thought that one through.