Hands-on video: The Xbox One as a media device


Microsoft’s (S MSFT) new Xbox One comes with big ambitions for the living room, integrating live TV with game play and entertainment apps. Check out this video for a first look at the Xbox One as a media device.

Show notes for this episode:

Are you going to buy an Xbox One? If so, how important is that live TV integration for you? or are you sticking with the Xbox 360, or maybe even buying a PS4? Tell us all about it in the comments below, get in touch with us on Twitter (@cordcutters) or email us at cordcutters @ gigaom.com. Also, please check out our Google+ Cord Cutters community!



I can’t figure out how to stream movies from my server to the xbox one? any advice?


Wish I could watch live TV without a cable box. Then I would consider purchasing. Only an antenna here…


I use the homeworx hw-150pvr to get an hdmi pass through for the xbox. Works rather well.


I’m going with the PS4: $100 less, more powerful hardware, free online gaming, and continued access to some of my favorite exclusive studios’ (Naughty Dog and Quanitc Dream) games.


I don’t live I the USA, so no streaming services, no media apps, no cable, and it won’t use anything from the old xbox, no games, no credits, no contollers, I may as well her the PS4 instead.


Great informative review and really funny too. I must admit I sometimes take a while to tune into your accent too. Keep up the good work

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