Report: Apple working on 12.9-inch iPad for release next year

9.8-inches not big enough for you? A new report from The Korea Times claims that Apple(s aapl) is readying a 12.9-inch iPad for release earlier next year to complement the 9.8-inch iPad Air and 7.9-inch iPad mini.

According to an official at an Apple supplier interviewed in the report, “Apple’s local first-tier display supplier is now producing a 12.9-inch Retina Display to be used in the new iPad, which will be coming out sometime early next year.”

This actually jibes with a previous report from the Wall Street Journal, that claimed Apple is working on a new iPad that measures “slightly less than 13 inches.”

In addition to the significantly larger form factor, this new iPad is said to have an even sharper screen than current models. According to the report, “As the Apple partner intends to boost its lineup for displays that have almost ultra high-definition (UHD) quality, the upcoming iPad will provide very clear quality similar to that of UHD.”

While a huge, ultra high-def iPad would be interesting, I’m not sure how much I’d actually expect to see one anytime soon. 12.9 inches is quite a large form factor, and one that we haven’t really seen take off in the tablet market. I’m not convinced about the utility of such a large tablet, aside from maybe an alternative to professional creative tablets like the Wacom Cintiq.