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Neural networks for leads? Seems like a good time to be in sales

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The days of the cold call might be gone for salespeople. Actually, the days of the not-too-promising call might soon be gone, too. On Tuesday, a company called InsideSales introduced a new capability that infuses neural network technology (the basis of deep learning) into its products to help identify the best leads and even the best ways to approach them. However, scoring sales leads is becoming the new black. We recently covered a company called Infer that delivers a similar service, and companies such as Intel are even doing some of this internally.

One Response to “Neural networks for leads? Seems like a good time to be in sales”

  1. Mahendra Mahi

    Neural for lead generation sounds interesting , but as far as i know neural is a black box technique and weight-age given to a particular instance based on auto rules to predict new .

    Neural is a fitting tool likewise I have a set of data with the weighting of the complete data and I would like to use that data to predict new sets of data not contained in my original data series and have parameters which I can use to aid this.

    Hope this is useful :)