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Filip, a wearable watch-phone for kids, launches for $199 with $10 plan

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Back in July, I looked at Filip, a wearable phone for kids that doubles a location device for parents to keep tabs on the younglings. There wasn’t a price available at the time, but now there is: AT&T will sell Filip for $199 along with a $10 monthly service plan. There doesn’t appear to be a two-year commitment or contract with Filip and the plan is reasonably priced for what it provides.

The $10 a month includes unlimited two-way voice calling and messaging but no data provision. That’s OK because Filip isn’t a data-centric smart watch. Instead, it’s a kid-friendly watch that doubles as a limited hands-free phone — only five trusted numbers can be programmed — and a GPS tracker for parents to know where their kids are. A corresponding mobile app for parents is used to see the location of their child or to set geo-fences for alerts whenever their kids wander too far.

Filip text

I previously highlighted one of my favorite features of Filip, but it’s worth a recap. The device has an emergency button that, when pressed, triggers the following chain of events:

  1. A text message to up to five pre-defined phone numbers are sent with location data.
  2. The device will start recording ambient sound.
  3. Calls are made to the pre-defined phones in succession: If there’s no answer at the first, Filip calls the next, and so on.

Clearly, the device is aimed at pre-teens, so it doesn’t need many bells and whistles. Besides, more features would complicate Filip and potentially require costly data services. For $10 a month — that’s the price even for those who aren’t current AT&T(s t) subscribers — Filip can provide some solid peace of mind when kids are out of sight.

This post was updated at 10:44am PT to remove the following feature (#4): “In the event of no answer from the five phones, Filip can directly call emergency services.” as that function was removed prior to launch.

9 Responses to “Filip, a wearable watch-phone for kids, launches for $199 with $10 plan”

  1. I have two boys, aged 9 and 10, and have to wonder if the watch will actually stay on them to be useful. They tend to bang around climbing trees, swinging on the tire swing, etc. Or maybe they will just set it down somewhere, and forget it. Will these watches actually stay on a child?