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UK’s Intelligent Environments makes banking app for Pebble smartwatches

A British financial technology (fintech) firm called Intelligent Environments has come up with an app for the Pebble smartwatch that lets people check their balance and recent transactions by glancing at their wrist, and even get vibration alerts when nearing their overdraft limit.

The Interact Smartwatch App is, its creators claim, a world first – although banks in Australia and New Zealand are poised to release something similar, and Intelligent Environments still needs to find banks that want to release versions of its app.

Whether or not it’s really the first, though, it’s a sign of things to come – on the wrist or hovering in front of the eyes, this sort of nugget-sized information lends itself to some kind of wearable computing. Indeed, Ukraine’s Privatbank released a video earlier this year demonstrating how Google(s goog) Glass might be used with banking apps:

Entertainingly, Intelligent Environments said on Monday that it was “launching” the app to mark the 30th anniversary of the online bank. From November 1983, customers of the Nottingham Building Society were able to use the Prestel videotext system (a sort-of precursor to the web) to interact with some of the building society’s services.