Acer launches a $199 version of its C720 Chromebook

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Acer introduced a lower-cost version of its C720 Chromebook(s goog) on Friday. The newest model is priced at $199. On the outside, the new laptop looks exactly like the previously available $249 model that we reviewed last month. Inside is the one single difference; this version has half of the internal memory of the higher priced model with 2 GB of RAM. Paired with the same Haswell-based Intel(s intc) Celeron processor as its predecessor, the new C720 will still run for more than 8 hours on a single charge. The Chromebook will be available at Best Buy(s bbuy) and online at Amazon(s amzn).

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sam livingstone

Will be good for Chromebooks to remove the HDMI output port, since with devices like Chromecast, one can anyway wirelessly stream videos etc to HD TV. This will make Chromebooks cheaper, lighter and more power-efficient. Also Bluetooth is another feature most people do not use, and can be removed.

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