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Under Armour buys MapMyFitness in $150M deal

Under Armour has acquired MapMyFitness, an Austin, Texas-based company that uses a phone’s GPS to let people map their runs, bike rides and other workouts and share them among a community for $150 million. It’s akin to the RunKeeper app. Is this the beginning of consolidation in the quantified self arena? Will the market split along sporty and medical lines — leaving room for authentication, provable algorithms and other elements a diagnostic style app or activity tracker might need?

Updated to reflect that RunKeeper is not owned by Nike.

5 Responses to “Under Armour buys MapMyFitness in $150M deal”

  1. I don’t see this as a move toward consolidation in this space, but as an entity getting a foothold in the market. Fitness appeal companies are longer just making clothing, they are now in the hardware and software game.

  2. ventureguy

    Smart move by Kevin Plank. UA created and is the market leader in the very profitable performance athletic apparel market, and then major players across the board in athletic accessories. This is a smart move – the price is cheap and the business is not in the hardware collection devices/apparatus, but in the data/analysis of quantified self. This also puts UA in 24/7 contact with users.