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Comcast wants to sell movies through its set-top boxes

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Comcast plans to launch a digital download store for movies and TV shows by the end of the year, according to Reuters. The cable operators plans to offer videos for sale on its website as well as through its cable boxes, presumably to offer subscribers access to more fare than its existing VOD service has in stock. For the studios, this would be another way to push people towards buying digital movies – but is anyone really interested in owning a movie anymore?

One Response to “Comcast wants to sell movies through its set-top boxes”

  1. Hey Comcast come closer and let me fill you in. The deal is me an many consumers want fervently to not let you originate content!! I cannot stress this enough and its why we make a huge success out of Netflix and Youtube!

    Now with what I said in mind, quit trying to roll out crap services to further gouge your customers and leave content to the professionals! I dont want your hardware, firmware, VOD or anything else you are trying to peddle!

    All I want is for you to be the dumb pipe you are and let me access the Web the way I want and PAY you for. So thank you very much and and take your added value and Frak off!