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Apple release iOS 7.0.4 update with FaceTime bug fix

Apple(s aapl) on Thursday released its latest update to iOS 7. According to the company, iOS 7.0.4 contains some “bug fixes and improvements, including a fix for an issue that causes FaceTime calls to fail for some users.”

You should be able to download and install the update by opening your Settings menu and tapping on General > Software Update. This is much smaller than Apple’s last update, which fixed sensor calibration issuesiMessage problems, and added new features such as iCloud keychain. I’ve already downloaded and installed the update on my iPhone 5s, but I wasn’t having problems with FaceTime so I haven’t noticed anything new.

As for the rest of the fixes included in this round, the details say to check out, but so far Apple hasn’t included any information for iOS 7.0.4. So far, this seems to be a relatively minor update unless you were one of the users effected by the FaceTime bug.

23 Responses to “Apple release iOS 7.0.4 update with FaceTime bug fix”

  1. The screen is so light it is hard to see; it appears gray background with light black print, not easy to see. Biggest problem is the calendar; it doesn’t show the appointments I type in, and I cannot see then. Prior to update, all appointments showed up nicely at the bottom of the calendar on the appointed day. And, I don’t seem to be able to access Safari because I haven’t given Zorpia-Google access to view all my email addresses and information about my account as well as manage it. I don’t recall doing this with the last updates. What is Zorpia?

    Anyone else having these problems, or any suggestions?

  2. Barbara Vaught Maples

    Since I updated, My battery is working terrific now, anyone else had this issue? Facetime is working better and I was having trouble with pictures failing to send now they sail right thru

  3. i just tried to update to 7.4 on my iphone 4. I’ve done it TWICE now and my phone is STILL running 7.3! What the heck do I have to do to make it update? My phone runs the update “properly”, the phone restarts and I am still running 7.3. HELP!

  4. Apple and Microsoft are becoming joke companies in terms of creating simplified programs. Not only is it now regularly unresponsive to access lock orientation, and that menu. Apps like music crash regularly. With other problems, if they actually asked customers about improvements, then many problems could be fixed.

  5. I updated my iPhone 4S today but after viewing a Qtime video the screen is in max zoom, won’t respond to finger pinch to make the screen normal, and I cannot even shut it off because the slide icon is too big to fit in one screen! Agh! Help!

    • Fred Flintstone

      I did have the same problem

      you can fix this with an hotstart pressing the both knobs and holliding them together, one on the right upper side and the one on the dowside of the screen until the i Phone shut down than start again problem solved !

  6. Alex Colon

    This is pretty much just to let people know that the update is out there and what it does, since your phone usually doesn’t tell you an update is available as soon as it comes out.

    As for whether or not it works, I mentioned that I wasn’t having trouble with FaceTime to begin with.

  7. Never used FaceTime. Stupidly updated anyway, error occurred during update process and now have to restore to factory settings. Problem is, to do so involves iTunes updating to the latest version, and it is failing mid-way through the update still. So right now I have a lovely paperweight in the form of a 4s

  8. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

    I installed this update on both my iPhone 4 and my iPad mini last night. It went smoothly, and they seem to be working fine.