SoundCloud turns 5, creators now upload 12 hours of audio every minute

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SoundCloud celebrated its fifth birthday Wednesday, and the Berlin-based startup marked the occasion by revealing an interesting usage data point: SoundCloud users now upload twelve hours of audio every minute, according to a blog post penned by the company’s CEO Alex Ljung. That’s impressive, but also shows that audio still isn’t as ubiquitous as video on the web. To compare, YouTube (S GOOG) surpassed 13 hours of video uploads per minute a little more than two years after its launch. Nowadays, people upload more than 100 hours of video per minute to the service.

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Shachar Oren

How many hours of audio-only “video files” are uploaded to YouTube hourly as part of the said 100hrs? That seems like a critical data point in this analysis and it is missing.

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