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HTC M8 reportedly coming to all four major US carriers early next year

We first caught a glimpse of the purported HTC M8 last week, and now we’re getting a potential release date, as well. Noted insider @evleaks tweeted that the HTC M8 is coming to “All four carriers, end of Q1 ’14.”

The M8 is believed to be HTC’s follow up to the HTC One. Releasing it before the end of March next year would allow HTC to get a head start on Samsung, which won’t release the Galaxy S 5 until a bit later if Samsung sticks to a yearly release schedule. Then again, last month brought a report that Samsung might be planning to introduce the Galaxy S 5 in January, so it’s anybody’s guess right now.

My guess is that a late Q1 launch for the M8 makes sense, since that’ll be about a year after HTC introduced the One last year. But given how little we actually know about the phone so far, all of this is information is likely to change time and again over the coming months.

One Response to “HTC M8 reportedly coming to all four major US carriers early next year”

  1. the One really saved HTC from a potential bankruptcy so let’s hope the M8 will maintain htc’s lead over Samsung (purely speaking about the quality of device, between the One and the S4; not sales figures). It’s just an unfortunate name as it reminds us of the Meizu M8, which was an iPhone knockoff.