Binge-watching is for kids, too

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Everyone is well aware of how much late-night binge-watching has affected our television viewing habits, but Brian Stelter is pointing out in the New York Times that it’s popular for kids, too. Disney is capitalizing on the binge-watching trend by releasing some series early before they hit live TV, a possible boon for kid loyalty in the digital era. What’s more, kids often watch the same one episode over and over. Is it true? Just ask my three-year-old niece: she has demanded to watch the Alice in Wonderland episode of PBS show Super Why every day for the past two weeks.

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Mike Templeton

Just as Netflix has changed TV watching for me (and my wife), there’s no doubt it’s having an impact on kids too. In fact, the always-available and on-demand functionality of Netflix is all my two-year-old son has ever known – are the cable companies ready for an audience like that?

P.S. My son is in love with an episode of Justin Time; we watch the “Tower of Justin” religiously.

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