Learn how Internet companies are turning to clean power

Internet giants are increasingly turning to clean energy to help power their data centers. Data centers are power hungry, there’s more and more of them being built, and keeping those data centers up and running has traditionally required a lot of fossil fuel based energy. But companies from Google to Apple to Facebook to Microsoft are now making various — and different — choices about how to tackle this complex issue.

Next week, I’ll be helping lead a discussion about the best practices that some of these Internet companies are adopting when it comes to clean power. At the event there will be representatives from Google, Facebook, Box, Rackspace, and others there who will talk about what they’ve done, present case studies and engage in discussions with anyone who wants to learn more. Greenpeace is throwing this event, and Gigaom is a media partner as is the Cleanweb Initiative.

Come hang out with us next Wednesday (November 13th) from 1pm to 3pm at the Forum Theater at the Exploratorium at Pier 15. Make sure to RSVP here, because space is limited. Attendees will also be able to tour Greenpeace’s new boat the Rainbow Warrior III, which will be docked at the pier.

Greening the Internet