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Survey: Tell us your thoughts about Twitter’s IPO

In the wake of Twitter’s historic IPO, we ask GigaOM readers to weigh in with their thoughts about the company’s future prospects, strategies, and challenges.

Note: Survey results will be posted on GigaOM Research (subscription required). For survey participants who are not subscription holders, email [email protected] for a copy of the results.

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2 Responses to “Survey: Tell us your thoughts about Twitter’s IPO”

  1. survey says … does it really matter what we think about twitter’s ipo? ok. i’ll play along, PRETENDING we’ve contained our nuclear meltdown that threatens all of our existence …. Twitter’s IPO, if it continues as the #NYTimes is reporting, will be one of the most successful IPOs for offering not much more than hot air!

    But i mean that in a good way — hot air make balloons fly, those like our Santa Anas make fires spread and hot air can warm a cold house.

    If it continues, it will be the completion (with an exclamation mark) of a huge shift valuing intellectual properties like hard commodites on wall street and paves the way for #bitcoin and the like to alter many other aspects of our collective existence.