RightScale rolls up multi-cloud management and cost analytics in one suite package

Dealing with multiple clouds is all the rage, at least if you scan the headlines —  recently systems integration giant CSC bought ServiceMesh to deal with these issues. So RightScale, which staked its claim in multi-cloud management years ago, is upping the ante with its Cloud Portfolio Management Suite, which combines aspects of its existing cloud management dashboard with the cost analytics it acquired when it bought ShopForCloud and that company’s PlanForCloud analytics last year.

“The new cloud analytics part of the suite lets you look at the history of your usage from a cost and usage perspective and forecast future costs,” RightScale CEO Michael Crandell said in an interview. Cloud Analytics will still be available as a standalone product, but it will also be part and parcel of the cloud management suite, he said.

“The idea is you won’t only be able to track what you’re spending and make forecasting models but can also optimize by acting on conclusions and recommendations you get,” he said.

RightScale  Cloud Management SuiteRightScale  Cloud Management Suite

RightScale manages ten private and public clouds now (see chart below).

There’s lots of action in this space, companies like Cloudability and Newvem, now part of Datapipe, do a ton of cost and usage analytics. Crandell said RightScale’s differentiation is its ability to manage what you’re watching.

While the bulk of public cloud use remains in the Amazon(s amzn) Web Services fold, RightScale is seeing increased customer interest in Microsoft(s msft) Windows Azure, Rackspace(s rax), and Google(s goog) public clouds.

As all of these players roll out more features — and more pricing options — it’s more than a full time job to track all the changes. RightScale’s pitch is it does that for you. When Microsoft started offering sub-hour pricing increments, RightScale had that covered. And when Amazon launches what will likely be a raft of new options at AWS: Reinvent next week, ditto.

Of course all the big cloud guys offer their own cloud management and analytics options —AWS Trusted Advisor for example– but those tools are all about one cloud. RightScale thinks you will need to deal with many.

“Eighty to ninety percent of our prospects are all focused on hybrid clouds — that’s the norm,” Crandell said. Of course most companies looking to RightScale are a self-selecting bunch because RightScale is known for its ability to manage and watch multiple clouds.
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