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Almost a quarter of German companies now see the cloud as very risky, after NSA leaks

It’s not exactly a surprise, but confidence in the cloud has taken a battering in Germany after the Snowden revelations. A PricewaterhouseCoopers(s pwc) survey released on Thursday suggested 22 percent of German companies now see the risk of using cloud services as “very high,” up from 6 percent before the leak; 54 percent say risk is high or very high.

Thirty-eight percent said they were now looking at email encryption and 25 percent at encryption of mobile communications while 15 percent want to switch to European tech providers that won’t cooperate with American or British intelligence services.

2 Responses to “Almost a quarter of German companies now see the cloud as very risky, after NSA leaks”

  1. Richard Kerr

    The ability to record every digital trace of everyone World-wide, in a searchable digital library, is actually the most powerful weapon ever developed by mankind, and the United States has had a huge head start. It enables anyone or any group with access to it to corrupt any society at will. Individuals stand little chance against this new weapon, but then, individuals will rarely be its target. The leadership of the World resides in oligarchical power blocks independent of the political structures of each society. In our country these power blocks are named “special interests”. The danger of this new kind of digital weapon, is that it will soon provide access beyond its intended “audience” consisting of the many spy agencies that have access to it now, such as the NSA, and the GCHQ. When the power blocks that dominate our society realize that this new weapon can be used against each other, the full import of this digital library will become apparent. The leadership of nations in Europe and the Americas, excluding the United States, are suddenly realizing the significance of this new weapon, and it will result in a pull back from U. S. based Cloud facilities. This pull back is only in its infancy, eventually an Electronic Curtain will be drawn isolating the United States from much of the World, oddly reminiscent of the Iron Curtain of the Cold War, which was designed to keep entire populations in, this new Electronic Curtain will be designed to keep the electronic spies of the United States, and Britain out, at least until such time as the spying capabilities of Europe, and other nations, reach a level approaching parity with those of the United States.

  2. spying is as endemic as pornography is in the mind of billions, almost over whelming, no wonder people fear the cloud, they assume the worst, better to think of the positive affects, transparency, and less deceit…