Report: Nexus 5 coming to T-Mobile November 20


The new Nexus 5 will run on AT&T(s t), Sprint(s s) and T-Mobile’s(s tmus) networks, though so far only Sprint has announced a November 8 release date. But it looks like T-Mobile will be offering the phone soon after, according to a leaked document obtained by TmoNews. The purported retail planning guide shows a launch date for Google’s(s goog) flagship Nexus 5 on November 20.

Nexus 5 TMobile launch

This is by no means definitive, and there’s still some information missing from the equation, like price. But now that T-Mobile is a contract-free carrier, it no longer subsidizes the cost of its devices. Still, it has been known to offer some phones for $0 down, followed by 24 equal monthly payments. If you look at the document, it appears that T-Mobile is planning to do this on November 20 for devices from LG and Sony. Unlocked the phone starts at $349, while Sprint is offering it on-contract for $149.99 down.

AT&T doesn’t have plans to offer the Nexus 5 directly, though the unlocked version available from Google Play will work on its network. Of course, you can also buy an unlocked version of the phone and use it on T-Mobile right now. Verizon(s vz), on the other hand, will not be offering or supporting the phone at all.

It would be nice to see a more cohesive, universal rollout for such an important flagship device. Ultimately, though, this is still a step up from the Nexus 4, which lacked LTE and was available on GSM-based carriers only.

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