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Target will give you at least $200 for trading in any old iPad

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If you’re still holding onto an old iPad(s aapl) take note: Right now Target(s tgt) is offering a minimum of $200 for trading in your old iPad, even a first-generation model. For users of some older model iPads, that’s a pretty great deal.

According to Target’s trade-in site, all you have to do is find your local Target mobility store, bring in your old iPad and have it appraised. At the very least, you will be given a $200 Target gift card, which doesn’t need to be used towards the purchase of a new iPad. If your iPad is worth more, the gift card amount will be increased accordingly.

If you’re thinking about trading in your old iPad, it still pays to shop around online at sites like Gazelle. You can also check out my overview of trading in your old iPhone for an idea of where you might also find the best rates for your tablet. But you probably won’t find a better deal than $200 for a first-generation iPad model.

Gazelle, for instance, is currently offering $80 for a first-generation 16GB Wi-Fi iPad in flawless condition. Granted, you’ll be getting that $80 in cash as opposed to a gift card, but Target’s promotion is well worth considering if you have an older iPad. Just make sure to do it quick, as the offer only lasts until Saturday, November 9.

8 Responses to “Target will give you at least $200 for trading in any old iPad”

  1. Went twice to my target store in downtown San Francisco. First time they had run out of card. Second time, there was a line with over 40 people. The line wasn’t moving because the store didn’t have any of the gift cards. After having waited 1h, the target rep had each one of us write down our contact info to be call in order in the list once they receive the cards. It’s been a day and I have nt been called. Either they never received the cards or received a small amount. This promo was very popular. The check mentioned the gift card was usable for any purchase at target. Couldn’t verify this statement.

  2. Worked for me $200 for iPad 1 16GB wifi -> gift card (no restriction – but I wanted to get a mini) + mini at $299 + TAX – that $200

    $25 rebate on the mini – used to buy a 30-pin to lightning adapter for using existing peripherals.

    Sweet deal.

  3. I did it this morning. Traded in an iPad one, which I had intended on keeping for the kids since it wasn’t worth that much on the open market. With the $200, I purchased a iPad mini which also came with a $25 gift card. Not a bad investment for iOS 7 compatibility and 2-3 more years of usage (for the kids).

    It was quick, easy, and simple. Great job Target.

  4. I can confirm it indeed worked and they said the 16Gig WiFi iPad 1 was a popular trade-in. I walked into electronics and they verified it turned on and no cracks, went to about to get the model number and tested all the buttons. Ten minutes later I had a $200 gift card for Target. The team member told me that it’s an obvious incentive to get people to upgrade. When all vendors sell iPads at the same price I’m more likely to buy a new one at Target now.

    • Target website does confirm this :
      Between November 3rd thru 9th visit your local Target Mobility store and trade in any iPad for at least $200 *. To take advantage of this offer simply follow the below steps:

      Step 1: Find your local Target mobility store by clicking here and selecting “Target Mobile” under store services.
      Step 2: Your device will be appraised in-store at the mobility kiosk.
      Step 3: $200 minimum promotional credit will be issued on a Target Trade-In Gift Card and is redeemable in any Target store.
      * Visit for store hours, locations and to see if your iPad qualifies for the offer. To be eligible for trade in, the iPad must power on and screen must not be scratched.