Last week on research: the quarter in cleantech and a guide to web APIs


This week, a mysterious floating barge in San Francisco Bay was identified as a mobile Google showroom and event venue – the company’s attempt at competing with Apple’s retail presence. In decidedly less maritime-related news, our research analysts have had their heads in the cloud – literally. This week, some of the most popular content on Gigaom Research includes guides to the cloud and to web APIs.

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Cleantech: Cleantech third-quarter 2013: analysis and outlook
Adam Lesser

In his latest wrap-up, Adam Lesser looks back at the past three months in the cleantech market, which is finally enjoying a bit of a rebound after suffering from  dismal investment rates in 2012. The consumer cleantech market has been especially successful, as competition heats up the home energy management (HEM) market and Tesla proves the market viability for its vehicles. The cleantech sector is also facing new regulatory battles and victories in the share economy sphere, as state regulators, car rental companies and the taxi and hotel industry respond to services like Zipcar, Uber and Airbnb at local and national levels. Lesser also takes at the Obama administration’s latest steps on clean energy, emissions, and how it’s working with the EPA.

Cloud: A field guide to web APIs
Kin Lane

Analyst Kin Lane provides a veritable user’s guide to web APIs, which offer a more intuitive approach and more flexible capabilities that their predecessors, such as previous generations of APIs and those dependent on REST methodology. Lane’s primer includes a glossary of technologies that go into an API, use cases, deployment strategies and approaches, and established and best practices for APIs, as well as a look at trends and near-term developments that may impact API usage.

Cloud: How to cloud part 1: technology and economics
Shlomo Swidler

In the first installment of his two-part series, Shlomo Swidler presents the first part of a guide for enterprises as they prepare to adopt cloud computing, noting that “the key factor that drives successful cloud computing adoption is how well an organization is prepared to incorporate change into its use of computing.” In this report, Swidler specifically assesses the technological and economical considerations that enterprises must take into account. He provides actionable steps that companies – and especially IT departments – can take, and presents a battery of questions that companies can use to better understand the economics of organizational IT.

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