Those floating barges? They’re luxurious modular Google showrooms


Credit: KPIX 5

We’ve all been wondering what Google(s goog) is doing with floating barges and KPIX 5 says it has the answer. Sources tell the station that three floors will be  “dazzling showrooms” and an upper “party deck” will cater to events and high-profile customers.

The timing on this coincides with an upcoming launch of Google Glass — expected next year — as well as our own calls for dedicated Google stores. On our weekly Chrome Show podcast, we’ve lamented the fact that Google has no way to offer product hands-on experiences that help explain its products and services.

Because the barges are made with modular containers, KPIX says the stores can easily be reconfigured as needed for expansion. Presumably if Google were to increase the number of products it sells directly to consumers, more containers could be added for additional space.



I dont think so – it more likely has to do with some tax law or something similar


What has this country become? These luxury party boats being built behind barbed wires and guard with tight secrecy, able to be moved anywhere to avoid the 99%, are yet another example of the 1% destroying everything that was supposed to be America.

Will White

Okay, that is either the worst obfuscation job to hide some slick new server farm setup … or just the worst idea for showrooms EVER … shouldn’t showrooms be close to customers?


Hmm. Pretty ugly looking window-less showrooms, if that’s the case.

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