Buy Datameer’s Hadoop application, save an elephant

elephant conservation

We’ve written before about applying big data techniques to help solve societal problems, and now we have a case of applying the revenue from big data software sales directly to a cause. In this case Datameer, a startup that applies a spreadsheet interface to Hadoop, is selling a “charity edition” of its product for $49 and donating all the proceeds during the month of November to a conservation charity called Pro Wildlife.

Yes, it’s a PR ploy, but at least it’s one with a cause. As Datameer Founder and CEO Stefan Groschupf says in the press release announcing the program, “With a yellow elephant as our logo and a projected $24 billion market value, we believe the Big Data and Hadoop Community can stand up and help the elephants.”

A disclaimer, though: Don’t run out and buy the Datameer Charity Edition thinking you’ll somehow be transported to the world of really big data. The edition is designed for a single desktop and 10 gigabytes of data analysis per year. Essentially, users can learn how to analyze data in Datameer using a pretty impressive collection of functions and visualization tools, and then fork over money for the full version when they’re ready to ramp up their work.


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