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Google says no KitKat for Galaxy Nexus

When Google(s goog) introduced Android 4.4 (KitKat) earlier today, it stressed the importance of fast performance on older devices. It seems odd, then, that this Spanish Google Support page uncovered by Engadget, explicitly says that Google’s two-year-old Galaxy Nexus will not receive an update to Android 4.4.

According to the page, last year’s Nexus 4 smartphone and the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets will all be receiving an update to KitKat in the coming weeks. Right below that is a section dedicated to the Galaxy Nexus, which says the phone will not be upgraded.

This seems to contradict the goal Google outlined earlier today, to help reduce Android fragmentation by making KitKat available on older devices. To that end, KitKat only requires 512MB of RAM to run. The Galaxy Nexus, by comparison, features 1GB of RAM and a dual-core TI (s txn) processor, which should make it more than capable of running the software, so it’s unclear why it won’t be upgraded.

The Galaxy Nexus had a nice two-year run, but for those that are still using it, this is surely disappointing news to hear.

6 Responses to “Google says no KitKat for Galaxy Nexus”

  1. Yeah, bummer. Along with the news about no Nexus 5 on Verizon, count me as disappointed in GOOG and VZW. C’mon guys, you two fighting just hurts the customer. I for one will finally move to cyanogen on my Galaxy Nexus when things settle down, and will wait to see what Google has for Verizon next year (and it’s too bad that that the other carriers haven’t caught up on coverage in rural New England esp. Sprint, o/w I’d move to Ting in a heartbeat)

  2. Curious_G

    Exactly where did they say “older” devices?
    I keep reading this on so many blogs, but I don’t see where Google themselves have said older devices.

    They have said low end devices. This is to keep “new” low end devices from shipping with Gingerbread. This is not for running on “older” devices.

  3. This amounts to a push towards community driven updates. Since KitKat is clearly runnable on the Galaxy Nexus, look to Cyanogenmod, etc. to bring the latest features to the device.