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Comcast doesn’t want to hook up with Netflix any time soon

Don’t hold your breath for a Netflix (S NFLX) app on your Comcast (S CMCSK) set-top box: Netflix has started to strike deals with pay TV operators abroad to run its app on their devices, and┬áCEO Reed Hastings recently told investors that he would love to be on Comcast’s gear as well — but Comcast cable operations CEO┬áNeil Smit said during the company’s earnings call that this is “not really a high priority” for Comcast, according to Home Media Magazine. On the same call, Comcast also announced that it lost 129,000 video subscribers in its most recent quarter, 12,000 more than during the same time period last year.

One Response to “Comcast doesn’t want to hook up with Netflix any time soon”

  1. Comcast only cares about getting people to use their service by bundling them into things they don’t want, then doubling the price after they have you in. Nothing to do with customer satisfaction, or giving the people what they want.

    I am glad netflix won’t be on Comcast. It would take 7 to 8 steps to see your content like their current “onDemand” which is AWFUL! Then they started to prevent the ability to Fast forward commercial on some show! WTFreak is that about?

    Their equipment is alos junk. I’m on my double digits in cable boxes because their boxes keep failing. Nevermind they are power hungry beasts, they fail every three months or sooner.

    I want Netflix and Comcast to stay away from each other. It is the best thing for Netflix.