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Comcast backs challenger to mayor who brought gigabit broadband to Seattle

The Washington Post followed the trail of Comcast’s campaign donations in the Seattle mayoral race and discovered that the ISP was backing the challenger to the current mayor who helped bring gigabit broadband to the city. The current mayor Mike McGinn has been a big proponent of bringing ultrafast broadband to Seattle, and in 2014 certain areas of Seattle are set to get gigabit broadband for $80 thanks to a pilot between the city and Gigabit Squared. I suppose that backing a rival that might not be as gung-ho for a gigabit is probably cheaper than laying fiber.

3 Responses to “Comcast backs challenger to mayor who brought gigabit broadband to Seattle”

  1. Disgusted again

    Comcast: Inhibiting Innovation to Promote our Corporate Interests Over our Customer’s Interests since 1969. Sign up today (if you actually have a choice)!

  2. Friar Tuck

    Nice find Stacey. Severely underreported across most technology media outlets for obvious reasons. If we force wired providers to share transmissions lines and shutdown forced county/statewide monopolies at the federal level do we stagnate or encourage competition? The rewards promised by the Telecommunications Act of 1996 are still unfulfilled leaving millions, whether rural or urban, behind from a technology perspective.