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Steam is now bigger than Xbox Live

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Maybe indie is popular after all. Gaming company Valve announced today via email that its independent-focused platform Steam experienced 30 percent user growth in the past year, pushing the total active accounts to 65 million — more than Xbox Live. Microsoft estimates that its platform has 48 million accounts, while Sony’s Playstation Network claims 110 million.  Valve will enter with a broad user base into 2014, where it hopes to convert those fans into loyal Steam Machine buyers. But it’s a sign that PC gaming isn’t as ailing as everyone expects.

2 Responses to “Steam is now bigger than Xbox Live”

    • Tearfang

      bad comparison. How can you mention those numbers and not mention that xbox live is the only one of those services which costs money?

      Xbox Live requires a monthly subscription fee. Playstation Network and Steam do NOT. if anything it is amazing that xBox live had more users than steam for as long as it has. Playstation 4 PSN will also cost money (monthly subscription). When this happens it will be interesting to compare paying xbox live numbers to paying PSN numbers, but otherwise the comparison is not an apples to apples comparison. as plenty of ppl will have both machines and not pay the network subscription fee.