FABulous! Intel is making ARM chips on its production line


For the last few years Intel has had a small line of business manufacturing other companies’ chips — mostly expensive custom chips for companies like Altera and Tabula. This foundry business is getting a publicity boost today as Altera said Intel will let it embed ARM-based cores in chips made on Intel’s hallowed x86 production lines. This is a big deal, not because ARM is Kryptonite to Intel, but because it could signal that Intel under its new CEO is ready to open its fab operations and make that a bigger part of its business. That’s the huge shift for Intel, not that it might make a few ARM-based chips.



These ARM cores are going to be embedded in a Stratix 10 FPGA. Some people might think they are building stand alone CPUs the way this is written.

Christoph Möller

I agree. This article is misleading.



Quote: “After further talks with various parties there are a few clarifications that I wanted to make sure were added to our story. First, Altera’s FPGAs are primarly focused on the markets of communication, industrial, military, etc. They are not really used as application processors and thus are not going to directly compete with Intel’s processors in the phone/tablet space. It remains to be seen if Intel will open its foundries to a directly competing product but for now this announcement regarding the upcoming Stratix 10 FPGA on Intel’s 14nm tri-gate is an interesting progression.”

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