Want a low-cost wearable to pair with a smartphone? Check out Cubit.


So if a fancy smartwatch offers more functionality than you’re looking for, is there another, more basic option out on the market? There might be in Cubit, a small wearable device that pairs with your iOS(s aapl)or Android(s goog) smartphone to provide basic notifications, the time, photos and can also act as a location device when attached to something. Cubit just launched its Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of raising $140,000 by November 28.

cubit features

With an early bird backing price of $49, don’t expect Cubit to run a multitude of apps, talk to you, or take pictures. This is solely a small wearable to get simple smartphone notifications at its core. You can also attach it to your keys or some other object so that the Cubit app on your connected phone alerts you that you’ve left something behind.

For now Cubit can be work on a necklace, bracelet or perhaps a belt loop. In the future, I’d like see it work with a clip that could be used to attach it to your pants pocket or your shirt. There’s also the possibility of wearing Cubit as a watch based on the shape and size of it, and even though there’s a pic on the Kickstarter page of a watchband, there’s no mention of this in the project description.

Is Cubit too basic? For the tech savvy, perhaps. But it does offer some simple functionality that mainstream consumers might find of benefit. And it won’t bust a budget.

The small device with OLED display and LED lights works fully with iOS 7 devices, but the notifications feature isn’t natively supported on Android. The Cubit team has a stretch funding goal to add that, but says its software is open source and it’s hoping the Android community adds the functionality on its own.

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