Gigaom Research webinar: Why are content, co-location, hosting and large enterprises building their own networks?

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What are the decision criteria and bandwidth triggers for building versus buying a private backbone and/or a metro or regional network? Web companies, hosting providers and co-location facilities experiencing rapid bandwidth growth among their data centers are fed up with expensive leased lines, so many are purchasing their own dark fiber to manage scale and maintain control. Lighting wavelength for more capacity in your own time frame versus waiting for network operators to service the areas you need is a compelling option for many new cloud providers and web 2.0 companies.

In this session, our panel will address these topics:

  • What are the trigger points for building your own network?
  • How do content providers manage scale and connectivity, lead times, quality and reliability, network management, technology evolution, latency, and cost?
  • What are the considerations for dark fiber purchase?
  • When building your own network, how do you deal with reliability, maintenance and repair?
  • Which companies have built their own network?
  • What are the expected trends in this sector over the next three to five years?

Speakers include:

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