3D printing materials market will be worth $615M by 2025, if companies can keep prices high


An October IDTechEx report states that by 2015, the market for 3D printing material like plastics and metals could be worth $244 to $615 million. The spread comes from a big question: whether or not the industry will become competitive. Right now, companies can get away with charging upward of $40 or $50 for 2.2 pound spools of plastic.

The report also states that metal powders, which currently make up about 1.4 percent of the market, will see the most growth.



Lets hope that by 2025 the market will be far bigger but that we’ll also harvest ourselves most of the materials – not talking about just recycling plastics ,would love to make plastic out of air and maybe we can grow some organic material.
What we’ll use as raw material for 3D printing in a future self sufficient home would be an interesting subject for a large article since i can’t say i’ve seen articles on that matter. We do need to figure out ways to have the raw materials free or very cheap.

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