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As Apple pushes free apps and iCloud, should Google be worried?

Among the many topics on our weekly Chrome Show podcast, we took the deepest dive on Apple’s(s aapl) move to make its iWork apps free with the purchase of new hardware. Between that initiative and improvements in iCloud, Apple is starting to make waves in Google’s(s goog) ocean. Google Docs has become a useful productivity suite over time and will likely get better as Google continues to integrate Quickoffice into the suite; it’s already a part of the Chrome OS, in fact.

Should Google be worried and try to fend off Apple in this regard or does the company have no reason to fear Apple’s latest moves? We chat about that and more on the show, which you can download here or listen in directly below. As a Chromebook owner, I can actually get the best of both worlds: iCloud runs just fine in the Chrome browser!

5 Responses to “As Apple pushes free apps and iCloud, should Google be worried?”

  1. Krishna Parmar

    I really don’t think so that Google should worry about this as they already have android with them and they are going to rule the market with the help of Android OS.

    Don’t forget that, Android users are more than iOS and that fact should be considered.

  2. My view on this is that it is a bigger threat to Microsoft than Google. The last release of Apple was clearly aimed at Microsoft, especially with their free operating system. This I think will have a direct impact on Microsoft as it impacts on their main income streams. It will be interesting to see the Microsoft response when they announce their new mobile hardware. One thing that Apple should remember, Microsoft is always up for a fight and they have the history to prove it, they walk out winners more often than not!

  3. Prior to iCloud and Google Drive, I was a MobileMe user. I had a drive setup on my computer and it was really easy to save files on my desktop and access them later. Then Apple moves to iCloud and they completely forgot about keeping the benefits of MobileMe. Suddenly I had no way to easily save my files from my Mac and they didn’t include a way to add Excel and Word documents. (Apparently I was supposed to convert each of my Excel and Word documents to Pages and Numbers file then go to iCloud and find them on my local drive to upload? NO THANK YOU.)

    So I found Google Drive and now it’s so easy to save files to Google Drive and access later. I even have an app to manage multiple Google Drive accounts. I can easily edit documents on Google Drive from my iPad. Between iCloud and the iOS 7 – wannabe Android – rollout, I don’t know what Apple is thinking. I have a Mac, an iPhone 5, an iPad, and an iPod. Am considering getting Filemaker Pro for a project. I do like Apple and am not giving up the integration between all of my devices.But Apple seriously has to remember what makes them strong and stick with that.

    The only reason I have a paid iCould account is because my free storage ran out (the free storage I received as a MobileMe User) and I didn’t have the time to move over all of my files to Google Drive before my free subscription ended. It’s nice that they are including iWorks in iCloud, but I am not sure how much competition this is going to be for Google Drive. I will use iCloud for synching between devices and media, but they seem a little late to the game concerning document storage and collaboration.

    On the bright side my late 2008 Mac has really stood the test of time. 5 years and only one memory upgrade and 2 battery changes. Will upgrade from SSD to HD next year, but thankfully I won’t need to buy new hardware. But iOS7 has me scared that they will start tinkering with what makes Mac’s unique and functional.