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The weekend review: hardware design and the quarter in review

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This week we launched a new, redesigned site for Gigaom Research, which includes cleaner design, better integration and display options for mobile devices, improved search functionality, and much more. If you haven’t had a chance to take it for a spin, check it out this week, and read my blog post, “Welcome to the new Gigaom Research,” to learn more about the new site and its features. Meanwhile we’re still publishing the same great research content, and this week our quarterly wrap-ups and a report on the new face of hardware and design are some of our most popular pieces of content.

First, “the nature of hardware is changing,” notes Haydn Shaughnessy at the beginning of his latest report, “The rebirth of hardware demands new definition of design.” Moreover, “products are becoming devices — new-generation products that combine the four elements of hardware, software, service, and connection.” Shaughnessy contends that design is at a critical turning point, as engineering and product design converge. Design must now incorporate four key elements of device design and functionality: hardware, service, software, and connection. He goes on to look at major trends and emerging technologies that today’s designers must now take into consideration, such as the open hardware/open engineering movement, the rise of wearables, and the need for system-wide design skills.

Next, in “Cloud and data third-quarter 2013: analysis and outlook,” David Linthicum and Jo Maitland take a look back at the big executive shakeups, news items, ¬†technology, and trends to emerge in the cloud and big data market over the past three months. While growth in this market sector slowed down over the summer months, there’s still plenty to review, including continued repercussions from the NSA surveillance scandal, the rise of multicloud, and a renewed focus on Microsoft’s future, in the wake of Steve Ballmer’s announcement that he plans to vacate his position as CEO. Linthicum and Maitland summarize other important news from the market sector to create a series of key takeaways from the quarter and what to expect for the rest of 2013.

Last, in “Connected consumer third-quarter 2013: analysis and outlook,” Paul Sweeting looks at how the past quarter may impact the digital living room, especially as digital and print media continue to battle with broadcasters, publishers, networks, and investors. The market is an especially turbulent one: Conflicts between CBS and Time Warner about retransmission consent and legal battles between networks and services such as Aereo and Cablevision were just a few of the issues to come to a head over the past three months. And, of course, Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Washington Post and Twitter’s planned IPO also stand to inject the media landscape with new funding and new challenges.

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