Jason Hoffman has landed: At Ericsson

When Jason Hoffman, the CTO of Joyent, stepped down from that company in September, we wondered what he’d be up to. Now we know: He’s joining Ericsson(s adr) as VP of corporate strategy and portfolio management for the Swedish telecom giant. The new gig starts next week, Hoffman confirmed via email.

Ericsson, with roughly $34 billion a year in revenue, is headquartered in Stockholm with U.S. operations in San Jose, Calif. and Plano, Texas.

The company is a major player in telecom gear and  mobile phone networks and is parlaying that expertise in fast-growth areas including the internet of things and cloud computing. All of that work will require big, efficient infrastructure, something Hoffman, a frequent speaker at Gigaom’s Structure conferences, knows a little something about.

Hoffman, who had been working as a cancer pathologist, co-founded Joyent ten years ago in large part to build infrastructure to speed up that research.

Now it looks like he’ll be building out still more massive infrastructure.