Using data to design a new line of bras, underwear


A couple of us at Gigaom have tried out startup True&Co’s unique data-driven, online bra shopping service and mostly enjoyed it. But now True&Co has moved beyond selling other vendors’ intimates, and has tapped into the bra fit data from 200,000 of its female customers to launch its own private line of lingerie.

The line is called She Walks in Beauty (+ Light) and it was designed using the company’s fit algorithms, capturing data from what underwear women chose and sent back, as well as the fit survey customers undergo. The company also leaned on the design eye of lingerie creative Nikki Dekker to develop the line.

True&Co is an example of a new online brand that is using a lot of data, and a new service model to attempt to build an emotional connection with its customers and sell goods in an entirely new way. As we’ve written before we’re entering the age of design-centric emotional driven e-commerce, and we’re going to be highlighting this trend at our experience design conference Roadmap, which will take place on November 5th and 6th in San Francisco at the awesome Yerba Buena theater. True&Co CEO Michelle Lam will be giving a talk, and we’ll also be chatting with Gilt founder Alexis Maybank, Weddington Way founder Ilana Stern, and Forerunner Ventures Partner Kirsten Green. Join us!

RoadMap 2013

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