U.S. states have wildly different punishments for texting and driving


When it comes to endangering teenage drivers, texting has become a bigger threat than alcohol. But there’s no consensus on a prohibitive punishment that keeps texting while driving to a minimum, according to a series of infographics by Mother Jones.

The most punitive state is Alaska, which slaps texting drivers a $10,000 fine and one year in jail. On the other hand, California’s fine to punish texting is just $20. What’s more, four states — Arizona, Montana, South Carolina and South Dakota — don’t even have a ban. These vast differences show that most people still aren’t aware of the dangers of texting behind the wheel.



The whole category of distracted driving should be a single infraction class.
Why charge people so much more for texting vs. applying makeup?


I’ve seen multiple people crossing over lines, slowly drifting into another lane or oncoming traffic, lazily waving off whoever honks to bring their attention back to the road.

Guess what they had in-common?

They weren’t on their phones. They just weren’t paying attention. THAT is who you have to worry about, people who don’t care. They may or not be on their phones, and lumping everyone who even glances at their phone in with them is just scare mongering.


Yes there are a lot of things that can distract a driver of a car. That doesn’t mean that texting isn’t one of them, and if you don’t think you are distracted by such, you’re in denial.


So should we ban noisy kids, eating while driving, applying make-up while driving, and day dreaming while driving?


This really is about a bunch of legalistic ban happy ppl scare mongering without any sense of perspective. 1k fine and a year in Jail for sending a text in Alaska?

texting bands don’t make roads safer, google it, what stats we have show the laws don’t help and may even hurt.

and ass for hands free requirements
hands free just as distracting- google that, it’ll tell you what common sense already has, physically holding a device or not doesn’t matter- if it did, we’d have to ban stick shifts too- lol

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