Salesforce pulls the plug on Is Asana for Salesforce coming?

0 Comments, the ‘prosumer’ task manager that Salesforce launched in November 2011, is being quietly shut down:

Screenshot 2013-10-25 16.28.22

This may be part of a strategic retreat from attempting to compete on prosumer applications. Salesforce recently made an abrupt turn, dropping its own file sync-and-share solution, Chatterbox (Salesforce drops Chatterbox, announces Salesforce Files) back in September, and instead decided to work with the market leaders, like Box, Dropbox, and so on. They announced the end of Chatterbox only a few weeks before Box for Salesforce was announced. If Salesforce follows that pattern, we’ll be seeing Asana for Salesforce or the like being announced in a few weeks.

Of course it’s possible that was just not making headway in the crowded task management marketplace.

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