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Facebook’s violent video problem, Netflix nails its quarter and all hail the designer

On this week’s episode, a beheading video caused a firestorm for Facebook (s FB) this week. As the social network grows, how will it handle controversial material posted by its users? And on a decidedly less bleak note, we talk about how Netflix (s NFLX) is disrupting TV all over the place — and winning while doing it. Then we end with a discussion about the rise of the designer. From leading and kerning to leading and earning, the designer is king (learn more about design in a connected world at our upcoming Roadmap Conference).

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Host: Chris Albrecht
Guests: Mathew Ingram, Janko Roettgers, Katie Fehrenbacher

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4 Responses to “Facebook’s violent video problem, Netflix nails its quarter and all hail the designer”

  1. Stop Victimize Retail Investors

    Stop victimize retail investors and suck them in to help your master hedge funds to get out with profit. Before you publish this disturbed fact ignorant piece, you should have read or consult with CEO Reed Hastings. He will tell you it is well over valued of his own company’ stock!

    Along with Bloomberg, Zacks has become a new bagholder too (it’s obvious from what they have vehemently published BS pieces recently).

    They may be the ones who bought Carl sales of nflx and now holding the bag for him.