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Bill Gates goes nuclear in Idaho

Bill Gates, along with the staff of nuclear startup TerraPower, visited the U.S. government-owned Idaho National Labs this week to check out the facilities in advance of reactor design work that TerraPower plans to do at the facility. Gates is chairman of, and investor, in TerraPower, which has been developing a traveling wave nuclear reactor that can run on waste uranium, and can make and consume its own fuel — theoretically it doesn’t need to be refueled for hundreds of years.

11 Responses to “Bill Gates goes nuclear in Idaho”

  1. Why doesn’t Bill Gates go “COLD FUSION”? Also, Mr. Gates should consider building his experimental nuclear plants in Bulgaria then he could get all of the German and European Scientist that he wants since the Germans had outlawed Nuclear Power. And Bulgaria is the poorest Christian country in the EU. So Bill Gates would have the full cooperation of the Government. Their are thousands of Engineers and Scientist whom have left the country for higher salaries.
    Cold Fusion Plant for sale 1.5 million

  2. These small nuclear reactors still leave some radioactive waste – to be dealt with. They pose security problems – can still be a target for terrorists.. There are problems in transporting the radioactive fuel to these reactors – safety and security problems.

    But the most damning problem of all is that the only hope of making them commercially viable would be if orders were received for mass numbers of these small reactors.s. They would need to be manufactures in mass numbers, and sold that way.
    That is a commercially impossible dream

  3. Felix Hoenikker

    Its disappointing given the history and magnitude of nuclear catastrophes on this planet that we continue with this form of energy. In my opinion, its irresponsible and reckless.

    • @Felix
      It’s disappointing, given the history and magnitude of homicide on this planet that we continue with this form of species, In my opinion it’s irresponsible and reckless.

      There, fixed it for ya. Feeling better?

      • fernando7

        Our species is significantly more worthy of continuing than the jungle species and we have the potential to do better. We came from the factory programmed to chose life over death, love over hate, education over ignorance. We can start with NAWAPA and get on with staying human which includes living abundantly. Of course we first have to kick out the masters called investment bankers. See HR 129 and S 985.

    • When you flip on the light switch, or for that matter, post comments on the Internet, the electricity has to come from somewhere.

      If you don’t want to build nuclear reactors, what else do you purpose? Burn more coal? Dam up a river? Buy solar panels and hope it’s not cloudy?

      • @Bruce
        We have already passed the problem of solar panesls coverd locally by clouds. As you might know solar panesls are still producing energy laso when clouds are there and of course if we act in time we willl very rarely have 100% clouds over the whole planet ( note that it is enough to have a mix of wind and solar energy generation to overcome a local decrease in solar energy production).