Gigaom Research Webinar: Balancing performance and cost in hybrid clouds


A hybrid cloud strategy is not a destination. It is an ongoing balancing act in which enterprises weigh a shifting landscape of cost, security and performance against business needs.

Decision criteria have never been murkier. What used to be showstopping issues such as regulatory requirements for private connectivity or a need for real-time data access can now be overcome through secure, low-latency secure interconnections — for a price. The challenge for IT is pairing applications, services and data sets with the right balance of public and private cloud services, at the right price.

In this webinar, our panel will address these questions:

  • How are successful businesses taking advantage of hybrid clouds?
  • How should enterprises approach cost and benefit and risk assessments?
  • What management challenges do more-distributed workloads create?
  • What are common regulatory concerns about hybrid clouds?
  • How can businesses ensure security while taking advantage of the public cloud’s capacity and flexibility?

Speakers include:

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