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Why we are refreshing the Gigaom logo and brand

Our logo has been a constant presence — albeit with few minor tweaks — since the time we started our company in June 2006. Of course, what was then just a blog has now become a diversified media business, one that marries our blog with our events and our research business. They are but three sides of one triangle, and in the middle sit our hopes and dreams. The three aspects of our business are intertwined.

Our blog is the start of our daily conversation with you. Our events and research take that conversation offline and make it deeper. There is one underlying theme to everything we do, so wonderfully articulated by our editor, Tom Krazit:

And the fundamental principle that Gigaom uses to measure change is that internet connectivity is the foundation of the modern tech industry. You can have the most powerful computers in the world or the most compelling social service ever developed, and none of it matters unless you can reach massive amounts of people through fast, reliable, and fairly priced connectivity.

That thinking is why we embraced writing about broadband. That thinking led us to look around the corner and understand the disruptive power of cloud services. It is why we remain believers in the mobile internet. And it is why we realized that data, design and computing are part of the same continuum, united by connectedness.  Our events too have that continuity — data (Structure Data), cloud and cloud services (Structure), intimate computing (Mobilize) and experience design (Roadmap). Our research offerings too have that commonality.
Earlier this year when we started thinking about a face lift for our website and for our research offering, the question that often came up: why are we doing these redesigns in isolation? Shouldn’t we be thinking about unifying around one brand and giving it a consistency and reflect the new “us?” That thinking has led us to the updated logo and brand that we introduce to you today.

Our motivation for this change is simple. We want our brand to reflect our company and its ethos: why we do what we do and the way that we do it. Across the board, whether it is editorial or events or research, we track change that technology brings. We are less interested in the past — only that we want to learn from it — and also strive to look around the corner, hoping to get a glimpse of the future. For many of you who have been part of the journey, you’re already aware of our relentless focus. And to the others who are new friends, welcome, and here is a tiny glimpse into our world. 

You will see the refreshed logo and updated branding appear at our events. Today we are introducing some cosmetic changes to (more to come in a few months) but the most visible change you are seeing is on Gigaom Research, currently the fastest growing part of our business. There are some amazing new features on research site — a Buyer’s Lens (for business/IT technology buyers), a tag-based search system, responsive layouts for mobile and tablet devices and many more changes.

At our upcoming Roadmap 2013 conference, we are going to discuss a lot about experience design with our speakers. This unified rebranding is our way of creating a seamless Gigaom experience — from our blog to our offline events.

We hope you will enjoy the change and help us with your feedback. Here’s a video from our CEO, Paul Walborsky, with additional thoughts.


31 Responses to “Why we are refreshing the Gigaom logo and brand”

  1. Bubacarr Sowe

    Beautiful and keep it up. But why is GigaOm not covering emerging markets, eg Africa. Your coverage is mainly when big tech companies are doing something there, like or Google’s project loon. There are great stories out there.

  2. sachinghai

    Must say, thoughtful refresh and clean re-design

    Some feedback though:
    On iPhone (iOS 5), the old logo persists …
    Reason being:
    (1) The old app does not prompt user for new version update;
    (2) On a manual install from AppStore, the installation fails since the new AppStore version is compatible with iOS 6 and above.

    • Ian Kennedy

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Based on statistics that show 93% of all iOS devices are running iOS 6 or above we decided to optimize our App for that audience and keep the older version untouched. If you’re using iOS 5, you can add a bookmark to your home screen as a shortcut.

  3. The new look n feel is good. This design is much more cleaner and provides the most important piece ‘content’ more clearly.

    It would have been nice if the ribbon (main menu) to be available every time on top while I scroll down reading.

  4. Too dark on a big screen with all the gray on the sides and it’s incredibly unethical to have an Apple section (and list it first after Home) – 15% share in smartphones, half that in all mobile phones ,35% share and dropping in tablets and 5% in PCs . You can’t have credibility without objectivity.

  5. The new look is very nice. You did an extremely professional job, especially with the decision to unify the look across all products. Synergy will ensue.

    On the other hand, I concur with commenters who lament the reduced emphasis on “Om.” I mean, how many business owners have a name that lets them legitimately include in their logo a mystic symbol?

    Remember that, “true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.” Without a restoration of the emphasis on “Om,” the new logo can never be superior to the old one.

    Embrace the Om.

  6. The new/refreshed logo is clean,crisp… but I feel it’s too close to some other logo’s.I’m a fan of the old one.I wish there was more play on OM than just the O. Coming to think of it,Gigaom always meant an amazing name firstwith a ring to it and then, a logo that was distinctive.It’s a great name.You could refresh it any way you like.

  7. One functional change that would be nice–showing the number of comments to a piece on the main page. That way people wouldn’t have to click the link to see that there are five user comments, or worse, zero user comments.