Welcome to the Buyer’s Lens


This newest channel for GigaOM Research considers the disruptive technologies covered by our other channels—but more expressly from the technology buyer’s point of view.

To bring our research into focus for enterprises, we will tag and profile the most relevant of our research reports from our technology-specific channels (cloud, mobility, social business, etc.), and we will repost some of the most on-point commentary from their blogs. Any decision maker looking at a particular technology will want to dig into all of GigaOM’s related coverage, but we will provide a portal into that research with additional perspective.

The Buyer’s Lens will also provide original content on the management and strategy implications of new technologies for buyer organizations. We will tap our network of 200+ analysts and conduct primary research for this blog, as well as for more in-depth reports. What are the best practices for forecasting and communicating tech-driven change? Understanding strategy and business implications? Assuring C-level buy in? How about IT integration and service partnerships? Different approaches to tech governance? Vendor and technology evaluations? We’ll look at this and more.

As the curator of the Buyer’s Lens, I have invited other GigaOM curators to share relevant insights and angles from their coverage areas. I will feature some of our analysts whose coverage especially pertains to the issues of this blog, and in these inaugural weeks I’ll shine a spotlight on some of their recent work. You can also expect interviews with, and guest blogs from, selected analysts.

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If you are an enterprise executive with an interesting story or insight to share, I invite you to contact me directly and we could schedule an interview or a guest blog. If you are a vendor with a tip or suggestion as to an innovative enterprise or implementation, I’d love to hear it. If there’s a knotty issue managing and communicating technology change for which any of you would like to see coverage, drop me a line and let me know.

And please feel welcomed.

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