iOS 7.0.3 update fixes miscalibrated sensor and iMessage issues


You can now use your iPhone 5s for your home improvement projects again. Apple’s (s aapl) latest software update, iOS 7.0.3, fixes calibration issues with the iPhone 5s sensor, which means your phone will no longer be a couple of degrees off.

Earlier this month Gizmodo conducted a number of simple tests and verified that the iPhone’s sensors were off. And just last week news surfaced that the sensor issues were likely due to Apple’s use of a new accelerometer. Apple didn’t acknowledge the problem publicly, but quietly fixed it in its latest update.

If you read through the numerous new features and fixes contained in iOS 7.0.3, right in the middle of the pack you’ll see: “Fixes an accelerometer calibration issue.” VentureBeat installed the update on an iPhone 5s, and verified that the phone is now showing proper alignment when using the level function.

And if you’ve been having trouble sending iMessages, you can breath a sigh of relief as well. According to the change log, iOS 7.0.03 “Fixes an issue where iMessage failed to send for some users.”

There are a number of other relatively big fixes and features contained in the update, such as the addition of iCloud keychain and a Safari password generator. And for anyone suffering from a case of parallax-induced seasickness, the Reduce Motion setting has been enhanced to further minimize motion and animation.

All in all this is a surprisingly big update given the incremental build number. If your phone hasn’t already prompted you to download it, you can tap on Settings > General > Software Update.

iOS 7.0.3 details



My imessage won’t activate, I think it has to do with I have two phones on the same apple id. Ppl sending imessages to me are going to my 2nd phone, they’re not even with the same carrier! I love Apple and my iphone but i’m ready to fire this out the window.


Installed 7.0.03 on mini ipad and now Safari is running slow any advice why?


I am very upset that I downloaded this. My voicemail does not show when I receive one. My camera sucks now . My text messages don’t go thru!!!!!


when I send a message to someone in my contact list it list my name not the person I sent the message to. Is there a fix for this?

Jayson Landis

I tried updating my iPhone 4 and when I go to Settings>General>About it still shows my iPhone’s version as an iOS 7.0.3 and it still allows me to RE-install & download and update. It allows me to do it over and over again, and this is my 5th time.

I’ve concluded that I just simply can’t update my phone to version iOS 7.0.3. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there any way to fix it?

Jayson Landis

It still shows my iPhone’s version as an iOS 7.0.2** sorry for the typo.

Jo Lauen Hafermann

Updated my ipad to 7.0.3 and now some apps won’t screen rotate….ugg


AWFUL!! The issues go WAY beyond the problems with iMessage which are incredibly annoying. I cannot delete messages, the nav is SLOW and sometimes completely unresponsive, and the battery life was somehow cut in half. BAD MOVE Apple. Samsung is starting to look mighty fine at this point.

Bryan Wheeler

P.S. I have a 4s, and my partner has a 5c, and now iMessaging doesn’t work on either of our devices.

Bryan Wheeler

Got it to work, woohoo. I did the “turn off iMessaging, then resetting the Network” solution, which hadn’t worked countless times before. The one thing I did different was to go through this solution, but NOT reconnect to wifi until AFTER I turned on iMessaging and entered my Apple ID password for verification. Hope this helps.

Bryan Wheeler

iOS 7.0.3 broke my iMessaging, which worked just fine with all previous iterations if iOS 7 btw.


iPhone 4, iMessage had no issues prior to IOS 7.0.3 update. Now iMessage is totally nonfunctional. Thanks Apple!! I think even though I waited to purchase a 5s I may need to look elsewhere. Even microsoft checks their software releases a little prior to unleashing them on an unsuspecting customer base. This is another dismal chapter in the rush to get a product to market when it is simply not ready.
Apple should quit using their customers as a software beta test!!!!

Brandon doman

iOS 7.0.3 is the worst update i have ever done in my life. it does almost NOTHING AT ALL a waste of time to wait to update make a better soon please.

Keith Caruana

I updated my iphone 4 to version IOS7.03 and I still have the problem that when someone calls me I have to press the speaker button to be heard. Any suggsestions please cause I’m getting mad?


is fuming downloaded ios 7.0.3 and now its telling me to plug into itunes i have and nothing is happening i cant even get into my phone fummmmmiiiiiinnnggggggggggggg fuck iphone i want a galaxyyyyyyyyyyyy


I never had iMessage issues until I updated to 7.0.3 what are some suggested fixed I can try? Anything would be helpful especially after the argument that was caused between me and the wife….grrrrr!!!!

Sean Connelly

Still have same iMessage issue even after installing 7.0.3 update.

jeffrey dsouza

everytime i update my phone 4s outgoing call stop working now again after ios 7.0.3 it has stop working very frustating


Same here . I have iphone 5 7.0.2 was perfect . I upgrade 7.0.3 and iMessages won’t send now …wtf


iMessage Not Working!!! Dam!! Should of left it Alone!!!… Also My Signal Seems to be way Off Now.. Never had Signal Strenght Issues where I’m at.. and now it jumps all over!! Grrrrr!!! SuX!!!


iMessage worked for me on my iPhone 5 until the 7.0.3 update. Since the update, it does not work. Tried several suggested fixes but none work.

John Borea

Sensor still not working properly after update to 7.0.3, if using a driving game still turning to the left when held straight! Guess Apple have just made a cover up-date!!


Sensor problem not quite taken care of. Compass on my 5s is still reading 10 degrees different from my wife’s 5.

jay ar sinto

iMessages on my iPhone 4S still not working..they said that iOS 7.0.3 fix the problem but how many minutes or hours of waiting?

Figjam Figjam

iMessage issue AGAIN grrrrrrrrrrrr started in 7.02 fixed it by clearing my saved messages now it’s broken for SOME of my contacts not all!!!!
still can’t move and set the background wallpaper size and position


Hi uploaded the new software and I still cannot synchronise iMessage the phone number is there light grey only, have to use the email for iMessage it really sucks just a-bought had enough. upset Ki,wi


Can’t full restore my iPhone 4 anymore after install the update. It’s now stuck restoring from the iCloud. Also, won’t download photos, podcast, and app saves.


Anybody else notice their GPS location being way off after the latest ios 7.0.3 update?


You may need to switch on you WiFi for better location accuracy on GPS.
Try it out and let me know if that’s an improvement.

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