NSC aide admits Twitter attack on White House



Jofi Joseph, a senior National Security Council aide, admitted tweeting hundreds of anti-administration messages under the pseudonym @NatSecWonk. Joseph was fired last week after an investigation of the tweets, some of which criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other top officials.


Sam Joy

This is pathetic and desperate for the Democratic arm of the NSC posting as imposters in order to blame the opposition!, I know politics is a dirty sport lacking any moral or ethical compass, but there comes a point in which an individual has to ask himself “What the “F!” am I doing?”. It has gotten to the point I perceive everything as false and have to research if it has any merit or value.
These political parties and ideology based groups don’t have any worries or care for their reputations!, Honor & Integrity are things of the past, to only be viewed in history books because they fail to be in our present. It is saddening to think our collective culture is made of that., It makes an Independant such as myself in believing that both parties are worthless for the individual citizen of America! How far does this country need to go before it becomes aware of the damage it is incurring to itself, “Ideology” has become a replacement religion for those without one. Ideology has become a replacement for what was know as ethics & morality or just common sense for what is Wrong or Right!

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