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Google is testing Google Drive presentation support for Chromecast

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Google (s GOOG) is apparently testing the ability to cast presentations directly from Google Drive to Chromecast. The new feature, first discovered by a German user, allows users to select Chromecast as an external playback device for presentations, allowing them to still read their presentation notes on their computer while their presentation is playing on a TV screen or projector with a Chromecast adapter attached.

Google Drive to Chromecast

Previously, Chromecast users could only cast Google Drive presentations to the TV by mirroring an entire browser tab, making it impossible to view their notes while the presentation was running.

The new “present on another device” feature doesn’t seem to be available to everyone yet – I was not able to access it on either my desktop Chrome browser or the Google Drive app running on my Nexus 7. This suggests that Google may still be testing the functionality, and could roll it out to additional users at some later point.

Google has been fairly slow to add features to Chromecast. The streaming stick was released in late July with the promise of additional apps coming soon after, but since then, only Hulu Plus has been made available to Chromecast users. However, Google has been quietly testing additional functionality, including the ability to cast YouTube videos embedded on third-party websites.

I’ve asked a Google spokesperson about the new feature, but have yet to hear back.

6 Responses to “Google is testing Google Drive presentation support for Chromecast”

  1. Brian Gowland

    Janko, I’m the author of some free Android apps which connect the users to their home PCs running NextPVR (a PVR / home entertainment application for Windows PCs).

    I’m not directly involved in NextPVR development but have used it for a lot of years and I developed apps called nDroid and nDroid TE (the latter is the Tablet Edition still in early development). With test versions of my apps I’m able to add the ChromeCast icon to views which list audio and video files and can successfully cast them from my home server to the Chromecast device.

    Unfortunately due to the slow development on Google’s part WRT Chromecast the code is sitting on a back-burner until things become finalised. As I said, very frustrating – it’s great to bring up my app on my Nexus 7, select a video to play then hit the “cast” icon and see it stream to the TV.

  2. Brian Gowland

    Not directly related to the Google Drive Presentation support but in response to your comment “Google has been fairly slow to add features to Chromecast.”…

    Yes, even for those of us who are small time developers with white-listed Chromecast devices, Google’s approach has been very frustrating. I have some real Android world apps ready to go but Google tell us (as developers) when the Chromecast SDK and firmware go to general public release (rather than the current Developer Preview) our apps may not work.

    I had high hopes for Chromecast and it’s a great device but Google’s snail pace approach to its development and support for those of use who are early adopters has taken the edge off my initial enthusiasm.

  3. Kyle Salewski

    This is great news. Minus the fact that I would only want to present a presentation at work, where we have a WPA2 Enterprise network, which the Chromecast doesn’t support. But still good news that this is coming.