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Google buys France’s FlexyCore for better-performing Android

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Google(s goog) has bought a French company called FlexyCore, which optimized Android for manufacturers and carriers – and consumers too, through apps such as DroidBooster (which appears to have been removed from the Play Store).

According to the French publication L’Expansion on Tuesday, Google paid €16.9 million ($23.1 million) for 5-year-old FlexyCore, which it has already integrated into its Android team. The acquisition process apparently began just over a year ago, but was concluded in early October.

Following that report, Google confirmed the acquisition to me with this brief statement:

“The FlexyCore team has strong expertise in building software to optimize Android device performance, and we think they’d be a great fit with our team.”

There’s not much to say at this point about the deal, other than that it will probably make Android run better. In all honesty, Android already runs very smoothly on high-end devices, so perhaps this is part of Google’s drive to have the OS work better on low-end phones – a characteristic that is rumored to be part of the upcoming Android “KitKat” 4.4 version.

This story was updated at 4.20am PT to include Google’s confirmation.

4 Responses to “Google buys France’s FlexyCore for better-performing Android”

  1. Great news. Android had minor lag issues. With ios and wp8 being experts on these issues. This is androids comeback. Yay android. By the way I make android app reviews im new so I dont have much media. But check me out and please give ideas what to do next

  2. I read this on the heels of a great speculative piece yesterday about google leaving the Android platform open but corralling the app environment into a narrower and narrower and more controlled ecosystem.

    Sounds like a crApple strategy and this acquisition seems to support that. I can just envision Google touting its “performance optimized,” version of Android over everyone else. Soon if you want any sort of quality experience you will want to go with a Google appset!

    Dont think you fool us all.

    • Jaspreet

      Well, if you read it carefully it, the article points that one might get better experience in low price devices (which may be on par with high price devices as of now without this droidbooster integrated). Most of the high performance devices outside the Google ecosystem are already high end and they don’t need this piece at all.

      Most people have an assumption that Google play services is an initiative by Google to control the Android ecosystem. What they do not understand is that this helps in de-fragmenting the highly fragmented Android ecosystem. Google Play services exposes certain API’s to the developers which they can use to build functionality in their Apps. Since an update to Google Play services keeps on rolling every few months on most of the devices (back till Android 2.2 froyo), the devices are able to get the new features (in Android and capabilities of apps) by using the current version of the App.

      In essence, Google Play services helps the developers roll out new features to the old devices rather than relying on the old API of the Android version available on their device (when the device was released, most low cost android devices are never updated). Markets in developing countries are flooded with plethora of sub $100 devices, which offer not only a sub-standard experience but rather make the device literally unusable with growing app updates and new features being rolled out. This accusation is probably a step to curb this situation and provide a better experience to most of the Android users. So please don’t read between the lines and jump to conclusions. You are getting fooled only if you are thinking that you are not.