Even old iPads are hot, accounting for 81% of North American web traffic on tablets


New iPad(s aapl) models are expected to launch later today at Apple’s event — we’ll be live blogging it here — but there’s clearly lots of life left in the older and current iPads. On Monday, we heard that the iPad 2 is Apple’s most popular slate and on Tuesday, Chitika noted that iPads account for 81 percent of web traffic on all tablets in North America.

Looking at Chitika’s data, which is comprised of “tens of millions of U.S. and Canadian tablet online ad impressions running through the Chitika Ad Network” from September 15 to 21, it’s not even close:

tablet traffic chitika

I’m not surprised that the iPad is the most used tablet: For many consumers, iPad is synonymous with the word “tablet”.

I do wonder how skewed the data may be when looking at the other tablets, however. For example, Google(s goog) Nexus tablets only generated four times more traffic than the old Motorola Xoom and only eight times more traffic than the doomed HP Touchpad. That suggests to me that Chitika’s ad network, which is where this data comes from, may be weighted with more ad customers on iOS devices compared to those on Android.

Regardless, there’s plenty of additional evidence that the iPad is still the king of tablets for many. And depending on what Apple announces later today, its reign is likely to last even longer.



I don’t follow what Apple sells, but another article on this topic said that the iPad 2 is still being sold. Presumably it’s cheaper, so a long sales life and cheaper price would contribute to its popularity.


My first generation iPad still works like a charm. The most reliable product we ever had among all information and entertainment devices

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