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Apple releases OS X Mavericks today for free, Macbook Pros with lower price

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The public will have the chance to get their hands on Apple’s latest Mac operating system, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, as Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, announced during the company’s Tuesday event that the latest OS installment is available today at no cost to Mac owners.

Mavericks, announced in June at Apple’s WWDC event, deviates from the company’s traditional “Big Cat” nomenclature and takes more cues from iOS than previous OS iterations. The big features include a Notifications window, full Maps and iBooks integration, an updated Safari browser and tighter iCloud integration.

Mavericks will be available for free in the App Store. Apple’s iLife and iWork suites are also free, starting today.

Apple also brought markdowns to its Macbook Pro line. Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, announced that the new 13-inch Macbook Pro — with Intel CrystalWell technology, Retina Display and 4GB of RAM — will cost $200 cheaper at $1,299. It’s larger, 15-inch counterpart will fetch $1,999. Both models, as well as the new $999 and $1,099 Macbook Air, will ship today.

Then, Schiller trotted out the release date for the Mac Pro. The futuristic-looking device, which is jam-packed with dual workstation GPUs that can push up to 7 teraflops of power. The system will run for $2,999 and ship in December.

For more details, visit our live blog of the event.

12 Responses to “Apple releases OS X Mavericks today for free, Macbook Pros with lower price”

  1. @Lauren Hockenson: “Retina Display and 4GB of RAM — will cost $200 cheaper at $1,299. It’s larger, 15-inch counterpart will fetch $1,999.”

    Is this unique use of the words ‘cheaper’ and ‘fetch’ part of the Gigaom style guide or your idea?

  2. I’m confused. It doesn’t sound like much of an update. I thought mavericks was going to be big. Is this free version of Mavericks going to be improved/updated soon, which we will then have to pay for (presumably)? Is it worth getting now for free?

    • H. Murchison

      Features like Timer Coalescing, Compressed Memory, App Nap and more are significant features. I can already tell that my 2012 Macbook Air is consuming far less power.

      The tagging is going to be a nice feature for me as well. A solid update…not Earth Shattering but it’s free and it’s definitely more sophisticated than a mere update.

  3. Daryl Dela Cruz

    It is extremely deceptive that they would announce releasing OSX 10.9 for free, compare it to Windows 8 Pro being at $199 in their presentation, and then pride themselves on being so “nice” and “generous” for it.

    OS X 10.9 being free to existing Mac users is no different than the new Windows 8.1 being free to existing Windows users. So, the comparison with Windows 8 Pro was extremely misleading; it looks like Apple is just trying to hide that they’re following Microsoft’s lead.

    Deceptive marketing. It’s exactly why I have and always will hate(d) Apple.