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DDoS attacks are likely bombarding the U.S. as we speak

Google is launching a new effort to help protect websites — especially those focused on issues such as news, human rights and elections — from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, surveillance and filtering. The company is offering two new tools to help and is hosting a summit on the issue of “Conflict in a Connected World,” but it’s the company’s new Digital Attack Map that delivers the most-immediate results — at least in terms of providing some really interesting data.

The real-time map, developed in conjunction with Arbor Networks, is a fascinating view into the flows of DDoS attacks around the world. If there’s one thing that stands out immediately, it’s that the United States is getting deluged by attacks at any given time, and no one (well, at least no one tracking data for the sake of this map) likely knows the source.

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3 Responses to “DDoS attacks are likely bombarding the U.S. as we speak”

  1. where did you fly

    wonder if its real.. or accurate better ? does any one know how a media blanket from a government works ask president Bush junior on 911 ones on gov can cover a area with false media to allow panic and finance form their own banks it would not be the first time a terror attack was used for a personal gain .. best to think at all angles not just the directed one on a easy changed cloud interface google maps google search java and soon Microsystems cloud just think data from a super pc that can edit news on the fly

    as i said i wonder if its accurate

    • DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service. It’s a form of hacking that bring things down on your network. Could be used to disable certain security feature, simply to bring down servers to make certain functions unavailable, or to distract from the main attack.