AT&T will sell your 300 Mbps broadband for $199 a month. Maybe! Someday! Soon!


AT&T is probably/maybe going to introduce higher speed broadband tiers, according to leaked information via a website glitch reported by DSL Reports. The website glitch (since fixed) indicated that AT&T will introduce 4 U-Verse tiers: 75 Mbps ($91), 100 Mbps ($111), 150 Mbps ($155) and 300 Mbps ($199 a month). Of course, the timing and availability is anyone’s guess. Elsewhere, CenturyLink (incorporating former phone company, Qwest) is planning to introduce a gigabit service in Las Vegas for $145 a month, though when bundled with television it is much cheaper – $80 a month. I pay $40 a month for my 200 Mbps connection, thanks to my local independent ISP.


Cristian Daniel LUNGU

In Romania broadband is very cheap:
New offer 16,5 $ =1 Gbps, and 14 $ = 500 Mbps at number one on the market RCS&RDS.


I pay 26€ for 100Mbps in Estonia. I assume similar prices in Europe elsewhere too?

Jay Jennings

I pay $145 a month for 20Mbps with 250GB cap. Welcome to Alaska.

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